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The Winsar Group has been synonyms with hospitality technology for over two decades. Building operational systems spanning various segments of hospitality is a core vision which the company has not deviated from since its inception. Being a veteran in this industry, Winsar Group's ethos is in empowering hospitality professionals provide exceptional service to their guests. Each software module developed focuses on ease-of-use and utilises a user-centric approach, thereby ensuring that users focus on guest service. Being a boutique software solution provider we take pride in the level of customer service that we are able to provide where as a customer you are not just another number.

In its current line-up Winsar Group carries three independent product lines; WINHMS and WINCLOUD. WINHMS, an internationality acclaimed, world class, on-premise, end-to-end property management software solution for hotels and resorts of various key sizes. WINCLOUD is the resulting transition of WINHMS to the cloud which covers full-fledged hotel operations for both front and back of house operations in a web-based system.

Our operational offices place us directly on the ground in UAE, Australia and India. Our Singapore office is scheduled to operate commencing Q1 2020. We work with partners in over 30 countries globally and continue to expand our footprint.

We continually invest a significant part of the companies earnings into enhancing our products based on feedback we receive from our customers. This results in extremely feature rich, continually evolving products that keep up with the ever changing and growing needs of the hospitality industry.

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End-to-End Property Management System
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Cloud Property Management System

20 Years in Business
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